Sea Sand Ore Dressing
  • Sea sands process:

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    Sea sands production line is made uo of the vibrating feeder, chute feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, concentrated machine and dryer and other major equipment components, with the feeder, elevator, conveyor mineral can form a complete production line Iron Ore Supply,Black Sand Separator,Copper Ore Supplier.The magnetic iron ore production line with high efficiency, low energy, high capacity, economical advantages.
    Large amount of Sea sands is Zircon-based, supplemented by other mineral resources, including ilmenite, rutile, monazite, garnet and sillimanite and other products. With India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and other mines to establish long-term relationship, to ensure stable and adequate supply.
    1 zircon sand
    Zircon is a rare metal, and more on the beach sand mining, selected by the water, electrostatic, magnetic and other mineral processing separation concentrates obtained after 65% ZrO2, and 10% -30% in the mine and tailings. Zircon sand for ceramics and enamel appliances, refractory (called zirconium refractories, such as zirconium corundum brick, zirconium refractory fiber, sand casting foundry industry (Sand Casting), in addition to glass, metal (sponge Zr) and zirconium compounds (zirconium dioxide, zirconium oxychloride, zirconium, sodium, potassium zirconium fluoride, zirconium sulfate, etc.) production.
    2 titanium ore
    Titanium ores and concentrates placer by cause into two categories, the company's main placer class, placer mining is secondary, after years of rock and mineral Department of erosion, weathering, river impact, deposits made, the structure of placer relatively loose, the taste is high, the majority of elected TiO2 concentrate containing 50% or more. Titanium ore is the main raw material for titanium dioxide production, development of titanium about 92% of total resources, in addition to widely used synthetic rutile, high titanium slag, welding materials, chemical industry, as well. Smelting titanium and titanium alloys, etc.
    3. Rutile
    Rutile is widely used in welding, flux cored wire, flux and other soldering materials, slagging agent, can stabilize the arc, slag physical properties such as the role of regulation: smelting titanium and titanium alloy, used in aviation, aerospace, metallurgy and other fields; production rutile titanium dioxide and titanium tetrachloride, used in paints, paper, plastics, printing ink, chemical and other industrial sectors.
    4 monazite
    Monazite is a major rare-earth minerals, light rare earth (cerium group) accounted for 39-74% oxide, heavy rare earth (yttrium group) accounted for 0-5% oxides, monazite extraction of rare earth elements (metals, alloys and compounds). Rare earth elements (metals, alloys and compounds) in black and nonferrous metallurgy, glass and ceramic production, electronics, electrical lighting, TV and laser technology, chemical industry, medical and agricultural production has been widely used.
    5 Garnet
    High-grade garnet is one of the gems, which are rare species of green gems. Rich ruby ??color, pure, transparent purple variety is the black teeth of the best. Its high refractive index, strong luster, color, beautiful and diverse, is a popular gem varieties. Many countries in the world as black purple teeth "January birthstone", a symbol of loyalty, love and chastity.
    6 sillimanite
    Sillimanite is a brown, light green, light blue or white glassy silicate mineral, heating can be turned into mullite, were used as senior refractory.
    Dashan mining machines provide domestic and foreign customers for many years pre-sale, a comprehensive after-sales service system, free of charge to customers throughout the site planning, design and installation. Based on the customer site to configure the production process, and strive to provide customers with the most reasonable and economical production. The mineral production line process is reasonable compact, cost-effective, suitable for beneficiation, metallurgy and other large and medium beneficiation projects.
    China Dashan Machinery is a corporate enterprise producing Iron Ore Supply,Black Sand Separator,Copper Ore Supplier which integrate research and development,produce and sales as a whole. Has gained good reputation from many customers.

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