Cement Grinding Station
  • Production of cement grinding station layout is set up in the mining of cement clinker production line, in a large, near the city that is close to the sales market for the establishment of cement cement grinding station. Most of the cement admixture of the city's industrial waste generated, a cement grinding station near the city can greatly absorb the slag, fly ash, slag, coal and other industrial waste, is a green industry.

    Our compant provide the cement grinding process used in the simplest, most convenient operation, process equipment, at least, less investment, saving, environmental protection, and other mixed materials can be mixed with more advantage.

    Cement Silo,Cement Plant For Sale,Coal Crushing Plant--China Dashan Ball Mill Equipment Co,Ltd

    Cement industry is an important part of international manufacturing, and now, the cement industry in developed countries has been rapid development, has formed a variety of techniques (kiln production, wet production, semi-dry method of production, normal dry, wet dry, dry process production) co-existence of production patterns. With the process of industrialization and cement production equipment, process and production control systems continue to upgrade, the requirements specification of the required personnel had improved than in the past.
    With the available technology, Cement grinding process are inseparable from three kinds of programs
    Cement Silo The first option is to open stream, the main device is the use of a grinding station barreled tube mill, the mixture of materials of different hardness of the cement within the same time into the grinding mill.
    The second option is there for the first method of the grinding mill cement admixture of the phenomenon had taken a ring grinding process flow of the program, administered by the discharge Cement Plant For Sale of cement powder mill is transported to the separator, the separated into a cement product, and another meal was sent back to re-grinding mill. This method overcomes the shortcomings of the former, but also brought new problems, while cement products 20μm ~ 40μm average particle size increased significantly, on the other cement clinker is ground into 10μm below the content is extremely low, cement particle size distribution is unreasonable, not to maximize the intensity of clinker out. Investment, construction capacity, equipment and more complex process, maintenance of large, multi-operator.

    Cement Silo,Cement Plant For Sale,Coal Crushing Plant--China Dashan Ball Mill Equipment Co,Ltd Cement Silo,Cement Plant For Sale,Coal Crushing Plant--China Dashan Ball Mill Equipment Co,Ltd

    The third option is still open circuit grinding process,Coal Crushing Plant the first method, based on the increase in long-barreled tube mill before the pre-grinding equipment, 30 million tons more than the use of small-scale crushing machine, 30 tons or more multi-scale approach using rolling machines, the grinding is also a variety of cement mixture into the pre-grinding equipment, after the territory to become a finely ground cement tube mill products, is still the same with the open circuit grinding process. Although the table and a significant increase in production, over-grinding phenomenon of hybrid materials have become more intense, there are still static electricity, including balls, large water absorption, dehydration of gypsum, cement mortar increase in the number of floating debris. As the mixed material through grinding cost a lot of power consumption and time to do a lot of wasted effort.
    The existing world's cement grinding process equipment available technological options, to varying degrees, flawed. Can be implemented more feed grinding cycle of technological innovation, the current research and promotion program of a dozen technical transformation process, there are: ① 1 sets complete meal mill cement mill two Φ2.2m × 6.5/7m technological transformation. ② two Φ2.2m × 6.5/7m cement cement grinding mill series transformation. ③ 3 sets Φ2.2m × 6.5/7m cement mill grinding cement transformation. ④ use of idle mill or Φ2.2m Φ1.83m as large-diameter pipe mill before the pre-grinding mill equipment. ⑤ ordinary tube mill before the mill's pre-configured cycle meal grinding process. ⑥ ordinary tube mill feed to the double-loop tube mill grinding powder modification technology. ⑦ broken machine \ double shaker \ tube mill process of transformation. ⑧ tube mill, grinding the powder process of transformation. ⑨ roller presses, tube mill grinding process transformation. ⑩ ordinary tube mill production of new energy-saving technological transformation. An experimental mill diameter of the existing mill and mill grinding body size distribution within the structure provides new data. An experimental mill diameter of the existing mill to provide better control of material flow approach. Large diameter and small diameter mill mill grinding efficiency in the difference.
    With the increase in the cement business, increased competition, the implementation of improvement, optimization, specification grinding process, improve the grinding efficiency is imperative. Behind the grinding process gradually being replaced by advanced technology is the inevitable trend of development.China Dashan Machinery Co, an international enterprise which export on manufacture,R&D and sales of construction using Cement Silo,Cement Plant For Sale,Coal Crushing Plant of east-south Asia,Europe,Africa,North America,South America,etc.

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