Ceramic Sand Plant
  • The Principle of ceramic sand into a ball Granulator: raw material is generally formed through the ball the cue ball (also known as ball core) formation and growth of dense phase of two phases. Ceramic Sand Production Line

    1, the cue ball formation: fly ash, clay, etc. are high hydrophilic material, the particle surface with adsorbed water capacity. After flooding also produced clay bonding properties. When the mixture being added in the granulating machine rolling, small water droplets have been in the wine mixture, the particles encounter water droplets, rapid adsorption of infiltration, the particle surface to form a layer of very thin water film, and the adsorption material in the roll . As the surface tension of water and stick to form a bond Kyu small ball core - cue ball, cue ball size is usually about 3 mm in diameter, the surface of thin water film, which is constantly rolling in the water when the centrifugal force and the relocation of gravity gradually formed.
    2, the growth of dense phase: due to the continuous water, feeding, and the cue ball rolling in the tray, the cue ball's surface water film has also been suction water, again and again gradually feeding the ball the cue ball. Also, because the mechanical action of scrolling, the density of the ball is also expected to gradually increase, coupled with the role of bonding clay, so the ball a certain material mechanical strength, until the formation of raw materials to meet the requirements of the ball.

    Ceramic Sand Production Line,Ceramic Machine,Mdryer Manufacturing--China Dashan Rotary Kiln Equipment Co,Ltd Ceramic Sand Production Line,Ceramic Machine,Mdryer Manufacturing--China Dashan Rotary Kiln Equipment Co,Ltd


    Ceramic Sand Production Line,Ceramic Machine,Mdryer Manufacturing--China Dashan Rotary Kiln Equipment Co,Ltd Ceramic Sand Production Line,Ceramic Machine,Mdryer Manufacturing--China Dashan Rotary Kiln Equipment Co,Ltd

    Welcome to come to the Dashan Machinery to buy ceramic sand equipment. Henan Dashan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the North blade of Songshan Mountain, Zhengzhou Yellow River shore of Mdryer Manufacturing the Central Plains Pearl City, is specialized in producing ceramic sand equipment, building materials, equipment, processing equipment, petroleum fracturing proppant professional equipment manufacturers. After 30 years of company employees worked hard. Research and Design Institute of Light Metals, Zhengzhou City, Shaanxi Research Design Institute of Light Industry, Zhengzhou City, Intertek refractory ceramic sand industry joint development of new pellet mill, into a ball with a high rate of new products with high degree of automation, semi-sieve screening effect Well, the key parts of the product lifetime warranty, won customers. Has a number of highly qualified workforce, the first through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Produced an annual output of 3,5,8,10,15,20 tons of ceramic sand production line.

    Dashan Ceramic Machine Machinery is under the ceramic mechanical sander team specializing in the production of various ceramic grinder, ceramic grinder is the most common non-metallic mineral grinding equipment, widely used in other non-metallic minerals mining and processing of crushed . Our first-class production technology, R & D team, professional, your produce first-class mill, ceramic grinder in my company has extensive production experience, and to provide process information, equipment foundation plans and foundation plans, guidance to customers on-site installation, to the satisfaction of the attitude of service to our customers, is your best choice for investment in mineral processing industry.

    MQY ball mill ball mill with the original structure compared to machine the body and chassis integration, ensure the installation can be the basis of one hanging on the plane, you can lay the foundation. The main ceramic ball bearing sand column aligning double spherical roller bearings, to reduce energy consumption by 30%. The lattice-type ball mill from the mandatory conversion to nesting overflow ball mill discharge mode, to maximize the improvement of ball mill grinding fineness, while the ball mill capacity increased to 15 to 20%. If you need to know and purchase energy-saving ball mill, ball mill about energy-saving information about the ceramic sand-associated
    Technical parameters, can refer to the table below, you are welcome to come to the mountain machinery company to buy ceramic grinder.

    Ceramic pellet mill is also called ceramic sand sand granulation pot, ceramic sand into a ball plate, ceramic sand granulator, mainly by the disc, a large bevel gear, bevel gear, spindle box, Ceramic Sand Production Line the horizontal axis, angle adjusting body , scraper device, transmission, chassis and other components. Motor by a belt connected with the transmission gear, gear shaft associated with a bevel gear, bevel gear meshing with the large. Large bevel gear and disc connected by a bolt. This motor starts, the disc also will be running.

    Disc through the spindle, double row radial spherical roller bearings, the horizontal axis, bearing at the base. The end of the spindle and angle adjusting screw thread connection machine. As the double row ball roller bearings to the role of the machine by adjusting the angle adjusting screw, the spindle with the disc rotating within a certain range in order to ensure the ball into a disk tilt adjustment needs. By changing the motor output shaft and gear shaft into the pulley diameter can be adjusted to the speed of the ball plate.

    China Dashan Machinery Co, a reputated manufacture and a joint- stock enterprise with import&export rights and mainly produce machinery like Ceramic Sand Production Line,Ceramic Machine,Mdryer Manufacturing Now we integrate the research ,development, production,and sale together.

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