Specularite Ore Dressing
  • Specularite ore dressing equipment, a whole set of equipment, main products: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher,impact crusher vertical crusher, cone bearing energy efficient ball mill, Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold, vibrating screen, automatic anti-sand Spiral pole machines, energy efficient flotation machine, mining stirring trough feeder, concentrator, mine hoist, mine conveyors, pre-water into a ball plate, spiral chute, dressing shaker, washing machines and other equipment. Iron ore beneficiation process flow diagram below the mirror in the device name as follows: the original ore - jaw crusher - Vibrating Screen - ball mill - grading machine - magnetic separator - dryer. Specularite hematite as a subspecies. Collection of mostly sheet-like polymer film or roses. Steel gray to iron black. With a shiny metallic luster strong. Because often contain particles with magnetic magnetite inclusions. Used for smelting iron.

    Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold--Henan Dashan Ball Mill Equipment Co,Ltd

    Specularite equipment through Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold the Jiuquan Jingtieshan ore mine (0 ~ 15mm size fraction), lump ore (15 ~ 50mm size fraction) magnetic intensity magnetic separation process of research, the implementation process JISCO and pre-ore relevant parameters to ensure the smooth completion of the implementation of industrialization. Summarizes the pre-process the ore for many years both inside and outside the progress, especially for iron ore pre-process, equipment and industrial applications carried out a detailed analysis and arguments put forward, with the steel industry for iron ore resources in the development of increasing demand and easy selection of goods decreased ore, iron ore, iron ore pre-primaries, especially Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold the weak magnetic iron mine in China has become one of the problems facing major. Properties of the ore through the Jiuquan, weakly magnetic iron ore pre-made difficulty coefficient, weakly magnetic iron ore on the difficulty of pre-made approach to the evaluation. After exploration test, the initial pre-determined using powder ore JISCO φ100mm strong magnetic roller with permanent magnet devices, the use of lump ore pre-pre-selection φ600mm drum magnetic separator. After a detailed test condition parameters, the identification of crude ore pre-scan for the Jiuquan the basic processes of industrial processes, powder ore grade can not achieve better sorting indicators by grade lump ore pre-(15-30mm, 30 - 50mm), can achieve the ideal target. Stability tests showed that pre-ore powder can reach ore grade 32.27%, 34.86% concentrate grade, 14.59% of the tailings grade indicators, pre-ore ore grade can be achieved 34.60%, 36.86% concentrate grade, 16.17% of the tailings grade indicators. By product analysis and product testing room after the pre-study, pre-ore project implementation Jiuquan, iron mirror grinding and separation equipment can improve system capacity, the final concentrate grade increased 0.5-1 percentage points, the recovery rate is essentially Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold the same. And annual direct cost 13 million yuan. In this paper, 0-15mm grain size and pre-equipment divisions inclination of the magnetic roll speed, angle and magnetic separators to establish a valid mathematical model of roll speed, sorting equipment for the same selection of parameters has a certain reference value. JISCO ore pre-process research and application success for the promotion of energy consumption of mineral processing industry, especially in weak magnetic low-grade iron ore processing plant to implement pre-selection technique, concentrate on the iron-making process to achieve policies, is of great significance.

    Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold--Henan Dashan Ball Mill Equipment Co,Ltd Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold--Henan Dashan Ball Mill Equipment Co,Ltd Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold--Henan Dashan Ball Mill Equipment Co,Ltd Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold--Henan Dashan Ball Mill Equipment Co,Ltd

    Specularite equipment Iron Ore Tailings,Kidney Ore,Tools Gold to -0.30 mm JISCO rich specularite, limonite and magnesium (Mn) of refractory siderite iron powder for magnetic roasting of a flash, in the weak reducing atmosphere and 740 ~ 800 ℃ , through the flash magnetic roasting process, access to the iron grade of 55.67% ~ 55.21%, 81.66% iron recovery operations ~ 86.57% of the weak magnetic iron ore. Flash roasting material before and after X-ray diffraction, magnetic measurement and M?ssbauer spectroscopy analysis showed that: weakly magnetic iron minerals in fine-grained phase are transformed into artificial cracks are well developed magnetite, the chemical composition of Fe3O4, the more than the saturation magnetization increases before roasting times ranging from 33 to 42, calculations show that the speed of flash magnetic roasting roasting time than conventional magnetic tens to hundreds of times faster; in flash magnetic roasting process, the magnetization changes in siderite process is mainly controlled by the chemical reaction rate, and specularite magnetization transition controlled by diffusion effects, some are not transformed completely.
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