Active Lime Plant
  • Introduction to active lime rotary kiln system process

    Active Lime Plant Qualified limestone stored in the silo, the Lifting and transport into the preheater top of the silo. Preheater top of the hopper, from top to bottom 2 controlled feeding quantity level meter, and then cutting through the pipe will be evenly distributed to the limestone preheater Calvary room. Limestone in the Production Line Machinery,Lime Kiln Process,Manufacturing Process Of Lime flue gas is 1150 ° C heated to about 900 ° C, about 30% of the decomposition, by putting into the hydraulic rotary kiln, the limestone decomposition in a Rotary Kiln by sintering of CaO and CO2. Generated after the decomposition of limestone into the cooler, the cooler into the cold air inside the drum was cooled to about 100 ° C discharge. The heat exchange of 600 ° C hot air into the kiln and gas combustion. The exhaust fan in the cold blended into the bag filter, and then the exhaust into the chimney. A cooler of lime by the vibrating feeder, bucket chain conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor into the lime finished products. According to customer requirements whether screening processes.

    Production Line Machinery,Lime Kiln Process,Manufacturing Process Of Lime--Dashan Ball Mill

    Active lime production line is active lime production line operations. Rotary kiln according to different processing materials generally can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln. Cement kiln is mainly used for calcining cement clinker production divided dry and wet process cement kiln Production Line Machinery,Lime Kiln Process,Manufacturing Process Of Lime into two categories. Metallurgy chemical kiln is mainly used in metallurgy industry depleted iron ore magnetic roasting steel plant; chromium, nickel, iron ore roasting; refractory high alumina bauxite ore roasting plant and aluminum roasting clinker, aluminum hydroxide; chemical chromium ore roasting and chrome ore and other minerals. Lime kiln for firing steel mills, ferroalloy plant and with the activity of light-burned dolomite lime. The application of rotary kiln cement industry developed rapidly, its technical parameters, performance and functioning, to a large extent determines the quality of enterprise products, production and costs.

    Production Line Machinery,Lime Kiln Process,Manufacturing Process Of Lime--Dashan Ball Mill

    Active lime we often referred to as "lime", the main ingredient chemical name calcium oxide (CaO) is a limestone (CaCO3) calcined, the reaction: CaCO3 - heating - CaO CO2 hydrated lime, the main component is calcium hydroxide (Ca (OH) 2), lime becomes slaked lime process is: CaO H2O (water) == Ca (OH) 2 lime wall is usually absorbed CO2 from the air into a chemical reaction of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), reactive : Ca (OH) 2 CO2 = CaCO3 H2O

    After commissioning of work equipment

    First disconnect the equipment, the total circuit and power source, and then prepare the following equipment checks,record keeping:

    (1) do a good job running the equipment after cleaning, lubricating, tightening, replacement parts or repairs, and debug the device into the best use of state;
    (2) prepare and organize the equipment geometric accuracy, precision inspection records and other functions of the test records;
    (3) finishing the commissioning of the equipment (including troubleshooting) records;
    (4) can not be adjusted for the problem, analyze the causes, from equipment design, manufacturing, transportation, storage,installation and other aspects of induction.
    (5) The operation of equipment to assess conclusions, matters of opinion, the procedures for the transfer and indicate the staff and participate in commissioning date.

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