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    Fluorite is a mineral resource, not only fluorite ore processing is difficult to obtain proper value, so the majority of fluorite ore beneficiation process required, then the fluorite ore dressing equipment, what does? Henan Machinery Company in the mountains of fluorite flotation equipment, equipment for re-election fluorite brief for reference! \ r \ n1, fluorite ore dressing equipment \ r \ n fluorite ore beneficiation methods for re-election law and flotation. Therefore, fluorite ore processing equipment is also divided into re-election equipment and flotation devices. Equipment is re-elected fluorite jig, jig can only effectively deal with coarse-grained fluorite ore, and the availability of satisfactory beneficiation results. Fluorite flotation devices and other similar mineral flotation equipment, including crusher, ball mill, classifier, stirring drum, flotation machines. \ r \ n2, fluorite ore re-election equipment \ r \ n fluorite equipment refers to the re-election jig. The most widely used mainly fluorite AM30 jig jig and LTA1010 / 2 jigger, the former coarse fluorite ore for processing, the maximum selected size 30mm, which is used to deal with fine-grained mineral fluorite powder maximum selected size 8mm, in most cases requires the use of AM30 jig and LTA1010 / 2 jigger with the use of the 0-30mm fluorite are effective treatment and recovery. \ r \ n fluorite re-election of equipment with a small investment, low operating costs, equipment, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and other advantages in the field of mineral fluorite fluorite flotation devices are gradually replaced by a trend. \ r \ n3, fluorite flotation device \ r \ n fluorite flotation equipment, including crusher, ball mill, classifier, stirring drum, flotation machine, mainly used for processing low-grade fluorite ore-disseminated beneficiation, the ore dressing equipment investment, operating costs are high, there is some contamination on the environment, the new fluorite fluorite ore concentrator is no longer mainstream. \ r \ n Henan mountain machinery company specializing in the production of fluorite ore beneficiation equipment, flotation equipment, fluorite, fluorite has a fluorite re-election and mineral processing equipment, test platform, free of charge for customers of small fluorite beneficiation test, design fluorite beneficiation process and device configuration, customers are welcome to visit our factory, to buy equipment. Mine Equipment For Sale,Grinding Mill For Sale,Crushing Mills. please contact us, Tel :0086-371-66133999

    Mine Equipment For Sale,Grinding Mill For Sale,Crushing Mills--Henan Dashan Ore Deessing Equipment Co,Ltd

    Mine Equipment For Sale,Grinding Mill For Sale,Crushing Mills--Henan Dashan Ore Deessing Equipment Co,Ltd

    The main components of fluorite Calcium fluoride is an important chemical raw materials and metallurgical raw materials, as a mineral resource, can be directly used for industrial production of fluorite ore less, most of them need to go through beneficiation process for industrial production, then the fluorite ore beneficiation and mineral processing equipment is what? Fred Machinery Factory of Gongyi City in this tell you about the fluorite beneficiation and mineral processing equipment for reference!
    Good floatability of fluorite, so as to produce high-quality flotation fluorite ore the main method, and as part of their high grade fluorite ore, to produce granular and massive fluorite concentrate for metallurgical industry, for such re-election fluorite method must be used to obtain coarse-grained fluorite concentrates.
    1, the flotation of fluorite ore sorting
    Fluorite flotation method selected was the need to use the equipment, including crusher, ball mill, classifier, stirring drum, flotation machine, using the appropriate system for access to more than 97% of pharmaceutical fluorite ore, can be used for fluorine chemical industry.
    Fluorite flotation sorting the high cost, there are certain environmental hazards, but it can produce high-quality fluorite concentrate, is currently the only method of high-quality fluorite powder, so the flotation In the fluorite ore production occupies a more important position!
    2, the re-election law fluorite ore sorting
    The proportion of fluorite in between 3.0-3.3, with more than half the proportion of gangue in 2.6 below, so coarse-grained re-election law has become the core of fluorite ore sorting method in the production of metallurgical fluorspar fine when re-election are almost the only way of dressing.
    Gravity separation is mainly used for sorting fluorite fluorite and barite separation, the separation of fluorite and calcite, and fluorite ore purification of re-election, the use of equipment, including crusher, vibrating screen, jig, dewatering screen and so on.
    Fluorite ore beneficiation methods that gravity separation and flotation method, because in recent years, increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the application of flotation method under severe constraints, and re-election is its unique strengths to become Mineral Processing the core of fluorite sorting method.
    Henan Dashan Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer of mineral processing equipment, ore beneficiation plant of fluorite has unique insights and experience, free of charge for customers to experiment and sorting small fluorite beneficiation process design and equipment configuration, providing set of fluorite ore beneficiation and mineral processing equipment, technology, please contact us, Tel :0086-371-66133999

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